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If you are in the Winchester, VA area and need a residential or commercial fence installed, look no further! Rugged Fence has been serving the Winchester community since 2003 and can help you create a durable, high-quality fence with your choice of style or material. No matter the purpose of your fence, whether it be for privacy, pets, pools, livestock, security, or gardens, we have you covered.

We Do Custom and Personalized Projects

We work with you to develop the best solutions for your needs

No matter the size of the project or the number of details, we will build the fence you have always dreamed of. We understand that each client’s fence needs differ, so we utilize a custom and personalized approach. When you explain the project you have in mind and its primary purposes, we will record all the details, your wants and needs, and your expected timeframe. We will schedule a meeting with you to walk the property and determine the fencing perimeter. Then, we will prepare an estimate for you to review and approve. Next, it’s time to move on to the fun part- scheduling, preparation, and installation. The experts at Rugged Fence are here to help you find the right style of fence to meet your needs and complement your home or business.

Explore Our Fence Styles

At Rugged Fence, the options are endless! Check out a few of the different styles of fences we offer for our installations. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about the other fence styles we can install.


Privacy fences are great for those seeking seclusion in their outdoor space. They create a safe and secure environment for animals and children, blocking wind and noise.


Lattice fencing is a decorative type of fence with a crisscross of material resembling a grid. It is a great, happy medium between privacy and openness. People tend to enjoy lattice fencing due to its decorative aspect, as it allows plant vines and flowers to intertwine and climb the lattice.

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is a cost-effective fencing solution with a variety of options. It is typically made using woven or linked wire in a grid pattern and with Class 3 galvanized steel, making it quite durable and corrosion-resistant.

Choosing Your Fence Materials

Fence Material Options & Their Usage

When we say our fences are customizable, we mean it! Check out a few fence materials we work with and see which best suits your project needs. Visit our website or contact us to learn about other materials we work with.


You can never go wrong with a classic wood fence. They allow for customization, affordability, and durability. At Rugged Fence, we offer Pine, Cedar, Cypress, Redwood, Spruce, and Fir wood.


Vinyl fencing is the best choice for durability and long-lasting use. Vinyl features some great benefits for the longevity of your fence, including resistance to rot, pests, mold, harsh weather, animals, and more. It also does not require the same maintenance a wood fence requires, such as painting or sealing.

Aluminum & Steel

Aluminum and steel fences are very popular options. Steel fencing is exceptionally heavy-duty and long-lasting, which is excellent for commercial locations. Aluminum is more affordable and has a low chance of rusting.

Fence Installation in the Winchester, VA Area

Residential & Commercial Projects

At Rugged Fence, we strive to exceed your expectations and install the fence you’ve always dreamed of. If you are in the Winchester, VA, area and want to personalize your residential or commercial fence, trust the experts at Rugged Fence to get the job done. Contact us to start your custom project today!

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