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Metal fencing has long been associated with the wealthy since its opulence and price used to make it only affordable to a select few. These days, metal fencing is gaining popularity due to its availability in more material types. Rugged Fence installs, repairs, and maintains aluminum and steel fencing for Northern Virginia. These fence materials are still chosen for their design but have added benefits such as durability and extremely easy maintenance. Aluminum fencing is weather-resistant, lightweight, and recyclable and offers flexible choices for coatings and color. Steel fencing is often selected as a more affordable way to replicate wrought-iron fencings and offers high security since parts are welded together. No matter which style of metal fence best suits your needs, our experts ensure it is installed correctly. We bring years of training and practice with fence materials of all kinds and strive to offer competitive pricing. Let our insured fence builders keep your home or commercial yard looking great with aluminum and steel fencing.

Metal Fence Installation

When it’s time to add a new metal fence to your home or business, Rugged Fence can help. We are there throughout the installation process. At the beginning of a project, we can help you navigate and understand permits, zoning, and HOA rules. We’ll also assist with identifying utility line locations and marking your property line. Once the official stuff is out of the way, the fun can begin! We’ll walk you through your options and discuss your vision for layout, considering property grade, security needs, and more. Whether you choose aluminum or steel, we’ll dig appropriate post holes to prepare for the final installation. In the case of an aluminum fence, installation is very straightforward. Aluminum posts are set in concrete and often surrounded by gravel. Once the posts are in place, the fence panels are fastened together, most commonly with screws. Steel fencing follows a similar process; however, it is essential to note that it is much heavier. Steel fence panels are also traditionally welded together for security and support, although alternative methods, such as screws or brackets, can be utilized. We can polish off your new metal fence installation with additional functional and decorative touches, including gates, finials, and more. Choosing Rugged Fence for your aluminum or steel fence installation offers you peace of mind that your fence will last.

Aluminum vs. Steel

Our experts install both aluminum and steel metal fencing. Both options are solid and durable, and each offers its benefits.

Aluminum Fencing

  • Very little chance of rust
  • Good around water, such as rain or near pools
  • Variety of color options
  • More affordable

Steel Fencing

  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Very heavy-duty, especially against wind
  • Holds up in a commercial environment

Replacing Your Metal Fence

Metal fencing, such as aluminum and steel, is chosen because it is highly durable under almost any conditions and lasts for a long time. Aluminum fencing can stay in good shape for 20 to 50 years or more. Steel fencing can last more than 20 years if it is hollow; solid steel lasts a lifetime. Even with this extreme strength, certain conditions can require fence replacement. A metal fence is prone to warping or can get knocked over. In the case of steel material, it may begin to rust. Aluminum material may experience loosening screws or chipping paint.

Luckily, many of these conditions require a simple repair; however, if you need a partial or complete replacement, Rugged Fence can handle the new installation. We’ll remove the old fence, recycle any aluminum, and install a brand-new fence of any material.

Repair and Maintenance of a Metal Fence

Durability means a selling point of aluminum and steel fencing is its ease of maintenance. Minimal needs to be done to keep your metal fence looking and functioning at its best; however, knowing small ways to maintain your fence can extend its lifespan. Aluminum fencing can be kept clean with a little warm water. Power washing should be avoided because aluminum bends easily. It is also recommended to keep vegetation clear from your fence. Steel also doesn’t require much work to maintain. Regular cleaning when there is noticeable dirt or mold can stop steel from rusting, and removing caught debris can also decrease corrosion. It’s also recommended that any chips are repaired right away.

Steel and aluminum fence repairs are similarly simple. You may need professional help with older or improperly installed fences. Repairs may include fixing panels, adjusting gates, or correcting shifted posts. Although most maintenance can be done yourself, we recommend calling our experts for appropriate fence repair.

What Are Metal Fences Used For?

The primary use for most metal fences is security because of their strength. Steel fences are more commonly chosen for commercial properties where having a secure area is essential. Locations like pools or office buildings may opt for the stability of steel. Aluminum fencing is more popular for residential properties, offering not just security but privacy and decoration. Both fence types are available in various styles, with differences in panel spacing, heights, color, and decorative elements.

Types of finials, or decorative finishes, also referred to as “post caps,” can be made of metal, wood, or even glass and include styles such as:

  • Fleur de Lis
  • Spears
  • Arrows
  • Acorns Tops
  • Ball Tops
  • And more

Choose an aluminum or steel fence for your property for a long-lasting and strong fence solution. Reach out to us online or by phone to schedule metal fence installation, replacements, or repairs!

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