Estate Gates

Automatic Remote Operated Gates

Our estate gates can be designed to match any fence style and custom built to your desired measurements to fit your driveway.

Rugged Estate Gates not only add curb appeal to your property, they add security! We install automated gate operators to provide ease of entry and operation. Full featured systems are available with extra power for high demand usage.

We install best-in-class solar and AC powered automated estate entry systems with professional, heavy-duty motors that come with a lifetime warranty. Impressively quiet gates with superior transmitter operating range up to 1000 ft. We offer professional and expert installation. With the purchase of your gate, we also offer bi-annual maintenance of your gate and system for a reasonable flat fee.

Rugged Fence Provides Safety and Security for You and Your Home

Maintenance Plans

We offer bi-annual preventive maintenance plans for your automatic swing gates. With regular maintenance and care, your gates will perform better, longer.

Our service plans offer the following:

  • Inspect all parts of the swing gates, including:
  • Adjust the gate hinges, as needed
  • Lubricate all required moving parts of the operator arms
  • Check the batteries and solar (if equipped)
  • Advise if there are any recommended corrective actions to keep your system operating fully

Protect and Secure Your Home

Entry gates improve appearance and add elegance to your home’s exterior, but the most important reason to install a gate is to protect your home. The main entrance to your home needs to be properly secured, and the installation of an automatic gate is a good start. With the push of a button, within the safety of your car, your gate will open quietly and reliably for you to enter or exit the premises.

The presence of a gate serves as a deterrent for opportunistic home burglars. A major published study shows that homes protected by the gates incur 33% less burglaries that the ones without gates. Every homeowner should consider adding a driveway gate to their property to increase their property’s value and improve security. If you’re ready to install a driveway gate, give Rugged Fence a call!

Our experts will discuss your options for a driveway gate. Whichever style of gate or additional features you want, our professionals can help you pick the right type of the gate and choose an additional features to design your perfect estate gate.

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