Fence Styles

Fence Style Options & Their Usage

Post & WIre

A post and wire fence is a utilitarian fencing style commonly used in agricultural and rural settings. It comprises wooden or metal posts spaced at intervals, with multiple strands of wire running horizontally between them. This type of fence is cost-effective and straightforward to install. Post and wire fences serve various purposes, including livestock containment, property delineation, and crop protection. The number of wire strands can vary, with higher strand counts offering greater security. While it lacks the aesthetic appeal of some other fencing styles, it excels in durability and functionality.

Split Rail

Split-rail fences are a classic and rustic fencing option that adds charm and natural beauty to any property. With different configurations available, such as two-rail or three-rail designs, split-rail fences offer versatility in both style and functionality. These fences are typically made of wood, such as cedar or pine, and consist of horizontally placed rails supported by sturdy posts. The benefits of split-rail fences are notable. They provide a clear boundary without obstructing views, making them an ideal choice for properties with scenic surroundings. Split-rail fences are easy to install and maintain, requiring minimal effort and cost. They offer an open and inviting appearance while still providing a degree of containment for pets or livestock. Additionally, the natural materials used in split-rail fences blend seamlessly with outdoor landscapes.

Board & Paddock

Board fences, also referred to as paddock fences or horse fences, are purpose-built enclosures designed to provide secure containment for livestock while maintaining an aesthetically appealing environment. We offer three and four-board fences. These fences offer excellent visibility, enabling owners to keep a watchful eye on their animals, while also discouraging horses from leaning or chewing on the fence, reducing the risk of injuries. Furthermore, board fences can be customized with additional features like mesh or electric wires to enhance security.


Privacy fences are an excellent choice for homeowners seeking solitude and seclusion within their outdoor spaces. With various options available, such as wooden panels, vinyl panels, or composite materials, privacy fences offer versatility in both style and functionality. These fences provide a solid and opaque barrier that shields the yard from prying eyes and reduces noise pollution. Privacy fences create a secure and safe environment for children and pets, preventing them from wandering off or encountering potential hazards. Privacy fences also serve as windbreaks, offering protection from strong gusts and enhancing outdoor comfort.


Picket fences exude timeless charm and add a touch of classic elegance to any property. These fences are available in a variety of options, including different heights, styles, and materials. Picket fences provide a clear boundary while allowing a gentle flow of air and maintaining a sense of openness. Picket fences can enhance curb appeal, adding a picturesque and inviting quality to homes. They also offer a degree of security, keeping children and pets safely contained within the yard. These fences are a practical and visually appealing choice for homeowners seeking a classic and beautiful fencing solution.


A lattice fence is an elegant and decorative fencing option that features a framework of crisscrossed strips, creating a pattern resembling a lattice or grid. Typically made of wood, vinyl, or metal, it offers a blend of privacy and openness. Lattice fences are favored for their ornamental appeal, allowing climbing plants like vines or flowers to intertwine, adding a natural and charming touch to outdoor spaces. They come in various styles, such as square or diagonal patterns, and can be used as standalone fencing, for screening purposes, or as a beautiful backdrop for gardens and landscaping.


An ornamental fence is a decorative and aesthetically pleasing fencing option designed to enhance the visual appeal of a property. Typically crafted from materials such as aluminum or steel, ornamental fences come in a variety of intricate designs, including scrolls, finials, and decorative pickets. They often feature ornate gates and are known for their timeless elegance. While not necessarily providing high levels of privacy, they excel in adding curb appeal and enhancing the overall beauty of gardens, landscapes, and historic properties. Ornamental fences are both functional and a statement of architectural style.


A shadow box fence, also known as board-on-board, is a distinctive privacy fence design that offers both security and aesthetics. It consists of overlapping vertical pickets on two sides of horizontal rails, creating a pattern that alternates pickets from one side to the other. This design allows airflow while still providing privacy. Shadow box fences are visually appealing from both sides, making them an excellent option for shared property lines. They’re often made of wood but can also be constructed using vinyl or metal materials. This style offers a harmonious blend of security and an open, airy feel to outdoor spaces.

Wire Mesh

A wire mesh fence, also known as woven wire or American wire, is a versatile and cost-effective fencing solution. It’s constructed using interwoven or interlinked wires, creating a grid pattern. Wire mesh fences are typically made from Class 3 galvanized steel, providing durability and resistance to corrosion. They come in various heights and gauges to suit different fencing needs. While they offer minimal privacy, they excel in providing boundary demarcation, security, and animal protection. Commonly used for agricultural and also rural residential purposes, wire mesh fences are appreciated for their affordability and low maintenance requirements. They are also compatible with various security enhancements like barbed or electric wire.

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