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Vinyl fencing is an extremely popular choice for homes and businesses alike, offering long-lasting function, beauty, customization, and extreme durability. Choosing vinyl for your fencing project allows you to have a fencing option for your property that can last up to 20 years with little maintenance. It is long-lasting, and the material is recyclable after use, making it environmentally friendly. Vinyl fencing material is durable against staining and is mold and rot-resistant. It is also weather-resistant in many conditions, reducing the chance of warping, cracking, and fading. Rugged Fence offers quality vinyl fence installation, replacement, and maintenance for your residential or commercial property, with nearly limitless options for layout and customization. Our experts have years of experience and are properly insured in Virginia. We aim to offer a balance of cost and quality so that you have a lasting fencing solution without breaking the bank. Although vinyl fence material can be an expensive upfront cost, it pays off with easy installation and long-lasting. Reach out to our team for a vinyl or other fence solution for your property!

Vinyl Fence Installation

If a vinyl fence is the right choice for your property, Rugged Fence can help you handle the installation details throughout the project, ensuring you have a long-lasting, durable, and visually appealing fencing solution when we are done. We start by helping you have the correct permits for your area and plan the optimal fence location. Deciding where a fence is installed requires considering the location of utility lines, the unique features of your property, and your goals for your new fence. Once the location of the new fence is appropriately marked, we will set the posts evenly. Vinyl panels are then attached to those posts through one of two methods, the bracket system or by inserting them into pre-routed posts. If you choose to add a gate to your vinyl fence, we will ensure it is hung level and seamlessly fits with the rest of your fence.  One of the advantages of vinyl fencing is its relatively straightforward installation compared to other materials, as it often involves interlocking components that simplify the process. Rugged Fence is your source for ensuring a long-lasting and low-maintenance vinyl fence installation.

Vinyl Fence Material

Vinyl fences are made with a plastic material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is a durable and versatile material to work with, making it a prime option for custom fencing. PVC is also popular in fence construction due to its hardy resistance to rotting, decaying, pests, and weather.

If you are looking for a vinyl fence, we offer high-grade vinyl materials and a 30-year limited warranty that covers the fence.

What are Vinyl Fences Used For?

The versatility of vinyl fences allows them to be found across industries and used for various purposes. With premium durability and style, they enhance curb appeal, provide security and privacy, and much more. Vinyl fencing is used in residential, commercial, and agricultural settings. Much of the function of a vinyl fence is directly related to the style of the fence.

Styles of Vinyl Fencing


Picket fencing is a classic option, popularly used for decoratively defining property lines. Their pleasing, evenly-spaced vertical boards add charm while offering a small amount of security for children or small animals. 


Vinyl material is a frequently chosen option for privacy fencing because they are sturdy, easy to maintain, and customizable. Vinyl fence panels can be installed tightly together without gaps to eliminate outside visibility and offer seclusion in your yard.

Post & Rail

Also known as board fences or paddock fences, they are a more economical approach to covering large areas of land without sacrificing durability. Vinyl post-and-rail fences have spaced-out horizontal rails between posts. This style is popular for large properties, farms, and ranches.


Vinyl PVC material is also favored for lattice fencing, a style that incorporates a gridded pattern. Lattice offers partial privacy without losing light and adds a touch of elegance.


Traditional vinyl fencing for choices like picket or privacy fences have vertical slats. Horizontal fencing with those panels or pickets rotated horizontally is becoming more popular. Horizontal vinyl fencing can be more contemporary and sleeker than other choices.

Color Options

Not only are vinyl fences available in various styles, but they also have various color options. This color doesn’t peel and will never need to be reapplied like a wood stain. Some traditional options include white, tan, gray, two-tone combination, wood grain look, and more.

Does your business or home need a new fencing solution? Reach out to our experts today to get started and receive a free estimate on your project!

Replacing Your Vinyl Fence

Part of the appeal of vinyl fences is their heartiness and ability to last in good condition for years, sometimes up to 30 years. Unfortunately, these fences may need replacement due to extreme wear or weather.  Changing your desired purpose for your vinyl fence or adjusting your aesthetic preference may call for a full or partial fence replacement. Our experts can replace or change your vinyl fencing, starting by assessing your existing structure. We’ll identify any damage and discuss your ideas for replacement, including desired aesthetic changes.

We then remove all or part of your existing fence, taking care to minimize disruption to surrounding landscaping. If we replace only a section or two of the fence, we will examine the quality of the posts and add new vinyl panels. Otherwise, we will make any adjustments to the layout and install new posts as needed. We follow the same standards during replacement as we do during installation, ensuring high quality. We even recycle old vinyl material when possible. Rugged Fence is committed to providing a straightforward approach to keeping your vinyl fencing looking its best!

Vinyl Fence Repair and Maintenance

Vinyl fences are known for their low maintenance requirements and long lifespan. Regardless, occasional repairs may be necessary, along with simple maintenance to ensure the best possible aesthetics and function. Rugged Fence offers vinyl fence repairs and maintenance, including fixing minor damage to panels and posts and inspecting components such as fasteners. In the event of damage or wear, we swiftly address and repair the problem, whether it involves replacing individual parts or fixing a more significant structural issue. You can also help to keep your vinyl fence in good condition with regular cleaning with soap and water. Rugged Fence’s vinyl fencing repair and maintenance service leaves you with fencing that maintains the durability and appearance you have come to expect from your fencing investment.

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