5 Ideas to Improve Your Backyard Fence

Colorful shrubs and bushes against a wooden privacy fence

A fence is the perfect way to add privacy to your home, keep animals in or out of your property, and give your backyard a different look. When you first get a fence it can make your yard look bland, blocking your views of the local wildlife and vegetation. The professionals at Rugged Fence want to help you spruce up your backyard.

Fence Decoration Ideas

Transforming your fence doesn’t have to be a lot of work. We believe there are easy decorations that help make your fence a beautiful piece in your backyard that is personalized to your style. 

  1. Plants: Adding plants, flowers, or hedges beside the wall is a beautiful way to make your fence and backyard look amazing. If you choose a material supporting it, you can also add flowers or plants on the fence. These are also known as climbing flowers.
  2. Hanging Accessories: A lot of people love to add hanging art or signage in addition to their fences—for example, metal art pieces like stars, flowers, butterflies, your last name, etc. You could hang an outdoor painting or paint a mural on the fence. You can personalize it to your aesthetic and interests. 
  3. Bird Houses: A birdhouse is a fun addition to your fence. It has a cute appearance and attracts beautiful birds and wildlife, which is an excellent addition to your backyard.
  4. Lighting: Many people love incorporating lighting in their fences as well. You can add it on the top, bottom, or inside of the fence. It can help brighten up your backyard and improve safety at your home at night.
  5. Pathways: Constructing a stone walkway around the perimeter of the fence is also a beautiful addition to your backyard. You must decide on a pattern and your vision with your stone walkway. Some people like the look of a compact stone design, and others like a spaced-out style. It can be completely personalized, and you can express your creativity when applying this design.

The process of designing your perfect backyard is whatever you may envision. Sticking to your favorite aesthetics and planning the placements before is crucial when deciding on the accessories you will add to your fence. It will help everything go seamlessly and look beautiful

Replace Your Old Fence

For some people, adding a personalized addition to their fence transforms it. In other cases, the problem lies deeper, and decoration can’t fix it. If you notice the fence material deteriorating, there are new holes, or it is starting to lean, you may want to look for a fence replacement contractor. Our experienced team at Rugged Fence can diagnose the problem and fix your fence. 

Contact Rugged Fence

Our team of professionals strives to help our customers transform their backyards. With our years of experience and drive, we assure you we are installing your fence to be able to stand for years to come. If you’re looking to replace your old, worn-out fence with something beautiful and brand new, reach out to Rugged Fence!

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