Preparing for a New Fence Installation

Wooden fence post in hole ready for concrete foundation

Are you thinking about adding to your backyard by installing a fence? It is a fantastic way to add protection for you, your family, or animals and can be an extra barrier from weather or loud neighbors. Not only are there logistic benefits, but it is also a great way to spruce up your backyard.

Things To Think About

Rules and Regulations

When deciding on your perfect fence, you must understand your city laws and possible HOA rules. This must happen before you start picking the material. You need to ensure you are getting the correct permits and know how high you are allowed to have it.

Property Lines

Finding your property lines is also crucial. That way, you don’t go onto your neighbor’s yard or property that isn’t yours. If you start your building process and realize your property lines are incorrect, you may have to restart your process. You should also inform your neighbors so they are aware there will be construction going on.


Another thing to consider is the gate you’ll be using and where exactly you want the entrance. You’ll want to spend some time planning and evaluating your decisions. That way, you don’t waste money, time, or energy and avoid common fencing mistakes. Consulting with our professionals at Rugged Fence is a great way to prevent this.

Type of Fences

Deciding what material, you want to use is probably the most fun part. The material will depend on the use and desired look. There are many different types of fences you can choose from. Here are some fences we offer:

Installation Steps

These are the steps we follow to install the perfect fence for our clients:

Step 1: Post Placement

Our team marks the post-hole with spray paint. We ensured the postholes were far enough away from each other but not too far.

Step 2: Start Digging

The dirty work of digging starts. Our professionals make sure to dig the same depth in each hole.

Step 3: Pour the Concrete

We start mixing and pouring the concrete. Many people run into problems around these last two steps, so it is essential to research and hire a reputable fence contractor. Some companies don’t dig deep or mix up enough concrete, and these steps are crucial to ensuring the stability and longevity of your fence.

Step 4: Last Steps

Once the concrete is poured, we will place the post in the hole. The following steps can vary depending on the type of fence you want, but if you want a basic wooden fence, the following steps are relatively straightforward. After we let the concrete set fully, we start attaching the rails to the post. After we have placed each rail, we can start putting up the pickets.

Call on our team to get started on your dream fences!

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