Protecting Your Property: The Ultimate Guide to Wildlife Fences

Wood crossbuck fence and wire netting next to corn field.

Living in an area where wildlife is abundant can be both fun and challenging. It may be fun to see the deer and foxes strolling around your backyard, but if left unmonitored, they can cause significant issues and damage to your property. If you have farm animals or crops, the wildlife may find their way into eating your crops and disturbing your animals. To prevent this from happening, consider getting a wildlife fence. This will help mitigate the issue and let you rest easily knowing your animals and crops are safe from unwanted wildlife. 

Types of Wildlife Fences 


Wooden fences allow you complete creative freedom. This allows you to choose its height, look, and function. With a wooden fence, you can choose to make it a tall privacy fence that will prevent wildlife from jumping over it and stopping outsiders from looking at it. Or you can keep the slats somewhat separated, allowing smaller wildlife to find their way through but saving on the cost of materials. Wooden fences are the most versatile, making them a great option if you are unsure what the best route is for you. 


This style of fence is commonly used to create a boundary between your property line and wildlife. It can prevent unwanted wildlife from entering your property and harming your animals and crops. If you do not desire a customizable and nice-looking fence, this is a great option for you. 

Wire Mesh

A wire mesh fence will create the same outcome as a chain-link fence. Its main function is to contain animals within a boundary, making it a cost-effective way to keep your animals safe. 

Benefits of Wildlife Fences 

Preventing Crop Damage

When you have a fence specifically made to prevent wildlife from entering your property, you no longer have to worry about major crop damage. Without this fence, you risk deer, foxes, and coyotes eating or damaging your crops. 

Protection for your animals

A wildlife fence protects smaller animals such as chickens and cats. Without it, predators like coyotes can easily infiltrate your property, posing a significant threat to your smaller animals and livestock, potentially leading to harm or fatalities.

Peace of mind

Once your fence is installed, you will no longer have to worry about crops, animals, or your property getting destroyed, allowing you to rest at ease knowing that your property and animals are protected 24/7, 365. 


Although there will be an upfront cost with a new fence, you will save more in the long run. From damage repairs to supply restocking and replacing deceased livestock, plenty of aspects allow you to save money once your property is protected. 

Professional Wildlife Fence Installations 

Protecting your property from unwanted wildlife is a great way to prevent them from causing damage to your land and supplies. Without a wildlife fence, there is a consistent risk of not knowing what might happen to your property. When you do choose to get a wildlife fence, it is crucial to get it professionally installed to ensure that it will have a long life span. Sourcing a professional team like Rugged Fence will allow you to have a fence that is not only functional but beautiful as well. For more information about custom fence installations, contact us today! 

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