Taking Your Garden to the Next Level

Pathway through backyard garden with wood fence and outdoor couch

Garden fences play a crucial role in your outdoor space. They protect any wildlife trying to forage on your crops or flowers and create a boundary on your property. Creating a barrier is a great way to mitigate potential property disputes between you and your neighbors. Garden fences also play a role in keeping your pets and children safe by keeping them within a designated area where they can play and explore under supervision, ensuring their well-being and preventing accidents or escapes. Besides safety and boundaries, garden fences can elevate your outdoor space with intricate or simple designs. If you want to take your outdoor space to the next level, consider a professional installation with Rugged Fence! 

Styles of Garden Fences

The beauty of a garden fence is having the option to customize it in any way you desire. From picket fences to lattice, the world is your oyster, allowing you to decide which style best fits your needs and preferences.

  • Post and Wire – These fences are simple and easy to install. Using wooden or metal posts evenly spaced around the perimeter with a wire running horizontally between them. If you are looking for more function than looks this is a great option to go with.
  • Split Rail – This style is commonly used due to its simplicity and its looks. Primarily made from wood, the posts are evenly placed around the perimeter, with a few wooden beams going horizontally across. This style is easy to install and allows you to customize its looks with the shape and stain of the wood. 
  • Picket – This timeless style of fence is a great choice if you want functionality and looks. A standard white picket fence is simple to install and easy to maintain.  
  • Lattice – If you want more design for your fence, consider getting a lattice style. The crisscross paneling allows you to grow climbing plants such as ivy or roses, adding natural beauty and charm to your outdoor space and enhancing privacy. Lattice fencing can be made from wood, vinyl, or metal, allowing various options. 
  • Ornamental – An ornamental fence is made from materials like aluminum or steel and is a decorative option that enhances property aesthetics with intricate designs like scrolls and finials. Though they don’t offer much privacy, these fences elevate curb appeal and add timeless elegance to gardens, landscapes, and historic sites, serving as functional boundaries and architectural statements.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for consider doing a blend of options to create a fence that will meet all your needs!

Additional Things to Add to Your Garden

If you are trying to elevate your garden, try adding these additional items to level up its curb appeal and functionality! 

  • Lighting – Whether small solar lights in the ground illuminate the walkway or outdoor string lights run across your garden, adding a variety of lights will allow you to enjoy your garden even after the sun sets!
  • Décor – If you want to add a theme to your garden, try adding some cute knick-knacks. Gnomes, bird baths, or any other figurines are a great way to add more character to your garden. Get creative and have fun with it! There is no right or wrong way to decorate; it’s all up to you!
  • Furniture – If you have a bigger garden, try adding some outdoor furniture. A patio set, chair swing, or bench is a great addition to your garden, so you can continue to enjoy it even after you put some TLC into it. 

Professional Garden Fence Installations

Garden fences are a great way to elevate your outdoor space and increase curb appeal. A mixture of choosing a fence that you love, and matching décor will allow you to create a space completely customized to your liking. Get started today with professional garden fence installations by Rugged Fence! 

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